The buyer`s and seller`s signatures on a proof confirm the conclusion of the sale by mutual agreement. This receipt also contains information about add-ons or taxes paid when transferring ownership of the bike. To reach the highest possible selling price for your bike, you should clean it up and down. You can use soap and water, sponges and a soft brush to get dirt or grease from the frame and tires. Remember that you want to keep water away from gears, shocks and other moving parts to avoid malfunctions on the road. You can even apply a light wax to the frame, shine for the tires and lubricant on the chain to improve the overall picture. If there is major damage to the bike, it will be in your best interest to take care of them before the list. You might even want to consider riding your bike before the sale in order to have other physical evidence of the exceptional condition of the bike when it comes to negotiating. The bike must have a valid insurance certificate for the duration of the sale. Once the ownership of the bike is changed to the owner`s name, make sure they also change the owner`s name in the insurance certificate. This can be done through a written application with the insurance company. When the insurance expires, the new owner must pay the fine for the time without the insurance, so that the vehicle is insured.

There are three scenarios in which a transfer of ownership of bicycles is required. These are: When selling or buying a used bike, it`s always a good idea to have some sort of transaction record for a number of reasons. First, it will bring written transparency to the stock exchange and address any problems the bike may have before being sold to ensure that the buyer knows the condition „as intended“. A sales slip also provides proof to the buyer and seller for the purchase, which can be used, if there is a question about the property, the bike must be stolen. It may also provide liability to the buyer in the possibility that he had an illegal stake prior to the sale. A deed of transfer serves as a deed to confirm the transfer of ownership and the sale of the bike from the previous owner to the new owner. It also ensures that the previous owner does not have legal debts related to this bike. The registration certificate serves as proof of bicycle registration and is therefore an essential document. It is also part of the list of documents that you must submit to the Regional Transportation Agency (RTO) when transferring ownership.

You also need to get the used bike`s sale entry if you buy it. It must bear the seller`s signature. It is important to understand the value of the bike before the sale, take the time to explore the manufacture and model of your bike. First, check your bike at, which will give you the best idea of the location of your bike. Then you should check new prices and used prices and find at least 3 local comparative examples of sales in online classifieds, in pawnshops and everywhere else. You will also consider any changes you have made to the bike and the cost of additional accessories when it comes time to consider your selling price. Remember, a buyer looking for a used bike will usually want to pay less than the price, so anticipate this and list accordingly. According to the latest vehicle rules, a transfer of ownership of the bike must be made during the journey.