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„We are also delocating our portal and publishing The University of Brightcove Partners,“ Tinney said. „The elements we want to add are our certification of level support and professional service certification. Another thing that we have announced, but we do not have yet, is an MDC — a development market. We are working operationally, as we do. We haven`t done it yet, but we`re developing it and we hope to have it before the end of the year. By fax: 617 261 4830By email: copyright@brightcove.com cloud video service provider Brightcove has restructured its brightcove Global Partner Program. The company, which primarily serves the upper end of the video market, has focused in the new program on simplifying and improving global alignment. They have also introduced a new level for master licensing partners that provide brightcove as a service. „We`ve seen more and more companies start looking at how they use video,“ says Lynn D. Tinney, Brightcove`s Vice President, Global Partners. „The video looks simple.

You can go to FaceBook and other social media platforms and find quick and simple clips, and can do so from your phone. And it doesn`t matter for clips and simple things, but if you want to provide videos that are compelling and turn on the engagement and where you can trust that it won`t fail while you deliver thousands of simultaneous viewers with the same quality and ease as Netflix, this is not the time to use a simple deployment method.