17/ If, upon receipt of the equipment, we believe that no effort has been made or that there is excessive waste on the machine, we will charge a cleaning fee of $25.00 without containers to cover the work required to restore the rented equipment (Plant) in a healthy condition ready for rent. 13/ The rental prices listed and all other fees listed on our website may change from time to time, unless the products and services have been booked. 11/ Under no circumstances can the machines be removed from the site provided without the prior consent of the owner. 4/ The customer is fully responsible for the safety of all machines signed once for and in your possession if, if you do not have insurance coverage, we are able to offer the customer appropriate insurance coverage in 15% of the agreed rental products. If you have yours (In Plant Insurance), a copy must be delivered before renting a product. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENTS 13 AND 14 BELOW. 12/ While the device is in the customer`s possession during the rental period and for an extended period of time resulting from early delivery or late withdrawal, the customer assumes all risks related to personal injury, public liability, personal liability and property damage related to the use of the rented equipment. 14/ If you have the customer YOUR ASSURANCE COVER, while our product is in your possession, in case of loss, (theft) or damage was caused by negligence, user error, including any form of vandalism, all parts, including keys, ratchets, quick strike bars or broken or missing fasteners, any major scratches and or bumps as the customer will be fully responsible for all costs, including excess and work costs, all repairs, recovery and replacement. 16/ All our machines are rented cleanly and readably. While we know that this is not entirely new, we expect our devices to be treated with due diligence and attention and we ask that it be returned to us in a similar condition that you have received. 2/ It is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that he and any other person authorized to operate all leased equipment is properly trained and responsible for operating the devices safely and to understand the health and safety documents to be found on our website. 8/ In order to provide a reliable service, all our warehouses are maintained (maintained) regularly, in the unlikely event that a machine breaks down, the loss of attachments or any form of warning lights, fuel or hydraulic leaks during a rental period, it is the customer`s responsibility to contact us immediately.

PLEASE THE MACHINERY We send you a qualified installer directly at an appropriate time or we agree to a quick exchange. The owner is not responsible for downtime. 9/ All machines have a full fuel tank on delivery, the customer is responsible for refuelling all the machines before pickup, the customer is charged per litre, if not refuelled once. We can provide a 10- or 20-litre FUEL BOX (Red Diesel) if we deliver our machines, which is cheaper than paying per litre on pumps, but can only be used in facilities. 3/ In the event that machines and attatchments or badplaced, has been stolen or reported, the highest pays the full cost of loss of any equipment. 6/ All account holders must stick to our account account at 30 days from the date of all signatures. 5/ As a new customer, when you first order our products, you will be asked to indicate two types of identity and payment invoiced before delivery. 10/ NOTE: We use commercial fuel (diesel red) in our machines, any attempt to remove fuel by force IS ILLEGAL and will be recovered on our tracking system by working hours, criminal charges will illegally remove fuel against all people, as is theft.