All residents require a bond to enter into the guarantee agreement. The university reserves the right to enter the allocated space in the event of an emergency or after receiving an appropriate notification for inspection, verification, safety, health and maintenance reasons. The university reserves the right to carry out random space inspections. A roommate can be assigned without notice. The allocated space can be seized even if an assigned student has permanently cleared the space or when a student releases for a break to ensure that graduation procedures have been followed. The space optimization process begins on the first day of the class. The following options are available to students in a double room who have not been assigned or who have lost a roommate: This contract is an agreement between Texas Tech University, called „The University,“ and the student who resides. If the student is under the age of 18, this contract is also an agreement between the university and the parents, guardians or other guarantors of the student, who are referred to here as „guarantors“. The parties to this treaty, taking into account the reciprocal agreements and provisions outlined in it, agree: E. General: Once this contract has been signed by the parties, even if it is carried out according to the cancellation dates mentioned below, it becomes a binding agreement, a contract between the student (and his guarantor, if necessary) and the university. A party`s failure to honour its obligations, with the exception of the manner in paragraphs B., C.

and D. in this paragraph 4, constitutes a breach of contract and allows the remedies to be applied in paragraph 11 below. Student accommodation can affect a new roommate at any time. If the new roommate is unable to move in due to the time of use, the individual room fee is charged to the current student occupying until the date his room became single for the first time. University Student Housing will e-mail all students who have become the only residents of multi-personnel rooms, with information and timelines regarding the above options. You can choose your roommates, or you can apply yourself and we can coordinate you with other students. Candidates answer a short list of lifestyle questions to help with the matching process. The university housing and hospital services contract is a legally binding agreement and must be read in full before the student and/or the surety signs the contract. The contract applies to academic or residual periods. Registered sex offenders and students convicted of crime should not live in university housing, including university residences.