These conditions must be met at the time of the request for an extension of stay. For other questions, the FAQs of the International Relations Unit can certainly help. Payment is conditional on registration in the StudentsOnline database, as well as the timely signing and transmission of a written agreement. The formal grant is made at least 20 days before the start of the internship. Nominated students receive an award letter via email and can download their contract from StudentsOnline from that date. Step 5: Handing over documents to the International Relations Unit Language Certificate: If you are going to a country of your language studied (for example, BA Spanish in Spain), you do NOT need this. If you are NOT going to the country of your language studied (for example, Spanish BA in Italy), you need it. To learn more about language evidence, click here. To create an application on Mobility Online, you need your u:account access data.

Warning: to apply, it is necessary to obtain a right of admission to the course. If the country or region of the planned stay is a level 5 or 6 travel alert, the appointment must be cancelled. In other words, it is not possible to benefit from Erasmus mobility assistance. These applications are cancelled, but the stay cannot be postponed. After taking the OLS language test, you can take an OLS language course. The apprenticeship agreement contains all relevant information about the internship. It is signed and stamped by you, the host institution and the direction of your curriculum (SPL). The signature of the program`s management confirms the importance of the internship. Warning: the apprenticeship agreement must be signed and stamped by the curriculum management. Without a stamp, the document cannot be accepted! The signature of the program management is also required for postgraduate internships. You will receive the link to the report form by email about one to two weeks after completing your studies abroad. ECs / Optional Materials: If you want to do ECs abroad, you should check with the EC-proposed Institute.

For example, if you are doing the „History of Philosophy“ CE of the Institute of Philosophy, you need to find out if the LVs you want to do abroad are taken into account. For the optional subjects, you have to consult with Dr. Gladischefski. Please determine in advance whether you are insured by the employer for illness, accidents and civil liability during your internship. It`s your responsibility. The insurance statement is generated in Mobility Online when the application is submitted and contains information on health insurance, accident insurance and liability, as well as information on liability for adequate insurance coverage. Please read the information under insurance.