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Welcome to Medien und Künstlerberatung, the go-to partner for Artists, publicists and individuals working in the media landscape.

Based in Berlin, with many years of experience we help artists and publicists in two crucial areas, the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) and your pension.



The German KSK or  Künstlersozialkasse provides financial support to artists, publicists and individuals working in creative professions. The KSK encompasses three important areas, health insurance, care and pension.

We help you with your application process for the KSK.

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We offer expert knowledge and highly competent guidance on questions concerning your pension, an often overlooked but important topic for artists, publicists and media professionals. We offer a fair and professional approach concerning such issues.

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We are here for you, in Berlin and nationwide.

To contact us directly for a consultation regarding KSK and its requirements or more information regarding your pension, please use the contact form by pressing the button below or by calling the phone number on the right.

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